How can I go from my head to my heart?

“I know that in my head but not in my heart” Have you ever said or thought that? Many of us have. Some of us carry the thought on to, “I have to figure out how to get it in my heart.” This sounds [...]

Hearing God’s Voice – 3rd Key for His Written Word

Is there something we can do to help us hear God’s voice more clearly? Yes, God’s written word will help us recognize His voice in our hearts. But how do I understand His written word? In the past few posts, we have looked at [...]

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Hearing God’s Voice – 2nd Key for His Written Word

Have you ever been to an unfamiliar place? It could be a new building, or a new city, just a place that was unfamiliar. Take a moment to imagine yourself somewhere new. Now think about two scenarios. The first one, imagine you are all [...]

Moving Forward – Temptation Traps

A few weeks ago I left us with a thought, Don’t limit yourself in a limitless God You can read the full post here. God continues to put a spotlight on my thinking… Am I trusting in myself or in Him? This question is [...]

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Have you ever wanted a vacation…

Press the arrow on the image to play the 2-minute video. Have you ever wanted a vacation, from yourself? Sounds good at first. But as I talked to God about this, He reminded me, I am not the enemy. For most of [...]

Moving Forward – Awareness

Our first discussions have been about preparation for moving forward. We discussed how every journey has a starting place and that God is here to help us understand our interior life. Connecting our awareness with God is the most important thing we do. I [...]

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