What Lifeguards Know

Do you know someone that has a difficult time during the holiday season? Would you like to know how to help them ... or how not to make it worse? Would you love some tips that you can practice right away? What’s “Trending” (i.e. [...]

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Hearing God’s Voice – 5th Key for His Written Word

Are you facing stress and pressure in your life right now? Would you like your joy to increase as well? Having our joy increase makes all the difference.  I have a little card by my computer that says, “Enjoy the Journey – for the [...]

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Moving Forward – By Pulling Back

Sometimes taking a nap is the most spiritual thing you could do. Does that sound a little crazy to you? I mean, wouldn’t it be more spiritual to fight the tiredness and read the Bible? Maybe go help someone or spend time in [...]

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Moving Forward – Direction

In the last post, we discussed the benefit of knowing your starting place. There are many more helpful tips and tools to come for moving forward onto your path of joy. Inner awareness Click here for a refresher on the first tip/tool and perhaps [...]

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