What Lifeguards Know

Do you know someone that has a difficult time during the holiday season? Would you like to know how to help them ... or how not to make it worse? Would you love some tips that you can practice right away? What’s “Trending” (i.e. [...]

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Don’t Get Beat Up

A friend of mine was asked by one of her kids what she wanted for Mother’s day. She took a deep breath and let out a long sigh and said, “Oh, that you children would get along!" Could that be how our Heavenly Father [...]

Hearing God’s Voice – 2nd Key for His Written Word

Have you ever been to an unfamiliar place? It could be a new building, or a new city, just a place that was unfamiliar. Take a moment to imagine yourself somewhere new. Now think about two scenarios. The first one, imagine you are all [...]

Joy Tank – Receiving

Last time I left you with a question: “What does “filling up your joy tank” mean to you?” I loved the response I got from Connie Short in the comment section. She was brilliant and I will tell you why. But before we discuss [...]

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