From our heads to our hearts Part 2

What does it mean to “experience” God? Do we experience God in our emotions? Do we experience God in our thoughts? In the previous post we discussed how to get something from our heads to our hearts. We realized our tendency is to try to [...]

How can I go from my head to my heart?

“I know that in my head but not in my heart” Have you ever said or thought that? Many of us have. Some of us carry the thought on to, “I have to figure out how to get it in my heart.” This sounds [...]

Joy Tank – Receiving

Last time I left you with a question: “What does “filling up your joy tank” mean to you?” I loved the response I got from Connie Short in the comment section. She was brilliant and I will tell you why. But before we discuss [...]

Moving Forward – One Step

Does seeing only one step at a time make you nervous? Well, it makes me nervous. I would like to see a lot further down the path, so I know what to expect. Hmm. Maybe that is the issue... Expectations Perhaps God knows that [...]

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