The ABCs to Comfort Someone Who is Grieving

Do you have a friend or family member dealing with loss right now? Holidays can be extra tough. It's normal to feel anxious about what to say or do. Here is a guide you can use to talk to God before you [...]

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Do This First

How many of you have said to yourself, “Okay this is the year I will read through the Bible and not skim the boring parts…” or “Starting now, I will stay consistent with my morning prayer times.” These are all great things, but … [...]

The Checklist

Does your mind skip ahead of you? Do you ever start a checklist in your mind before you have all the information? Many of us constantly operate in "checklist" mode. For example, the “checklist” mode may be operational when we read [...]

Invitation from God Part 2

Confidence is a wonderful feeling. Would you like more? In a previous post, we looked at Philippians 3 verse 3. Paul says that those in Christ Jesus, put “no confidence in the flesh.” The Greek word translated to “flesh” can be better understood as [...]

Feel the Feeling, Check the Focus

What helps you connect with God when you feel overwhelmed? That is the question so many of us are asking. Here is a story of what I experienced with a few ladies this week. I am so thankful for my weekly connect group with [...]

Invitation from God

“Good job.” “Your effort really paid off.” “Keep trying” These phrases sound so encouraging. I mean, don’t we all want someone cheering us on? Yes, hearing these phrases is encouraging. There is also a subtle danger lurking in these phrases though. Let [...]

Power of the Ponder

What are our expectations for this Christmas season? Do we want it to be extra special for our children and grandchildren even if that means overextending our time and finances? Do we accept the hustle, bustle, and stress because we want a certain outcome? [...]

Moving Forward – Getting the Message

Argh… why do I grab for comfort food every time stress hits? Why do I shut down when something feels too hard for me? Why can’t I just stop doing that? I stared at the list of common coping strategies that the counselor had [...]

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