Cultivating God-Confidence

Would you like more confidence, especially in the area of hearing God’s voice? The key lies in becoming familiar with His voice. It is about cultivating God-confidence rather than relying on self-confidence or circumstances to lead the way. How do we [...]

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What’s Your “Sorting” Style

Do you have a spot in your home where you store items that you intend to organize "later"? Perhaps it’s your kitchen counter. Perhaps it’s an office space. Or the dreaded garage… How do you handle the buildup? Two extremes: Procrastinating Pile Builders “Oh [...]

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The Checklist

Does your mind skip ahead of you? Do you ever start a checklist in your mind before you have all the information? Many of us constantly operate in "checklist" mode. For example, the “checklist” mode may be operational when we read [...]

Invitation from God Part 2

Confidence is a wonderful feeling. Would you like more? In a previous post, we looked at Philippians 3 verse 3. Paul says that those in Christ Jesus, put “no confidence in the flesh.” The Greek word translated to “flesh” can be better understood as [...]

Invitation from God

“Good job.” “Your effort really paid off.” “Keep trying” These phrases sound so encouraging. I mean, don’t we all want someone cheering us on? Yes, hearing these phrases is encouraging. There is also a subtle danger lurking in these phrases though. Let [...]

Joy Tank: Spinning Your Wheels Drains Your Tank

Have you ever felt like a car that is stuck in a mud slick? You keep pressing on the gas pedal, but you are only spinning your wheels. You are trying to move forward but not going anywhere! And the spinning drains your joy [...]

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Joy Tank – Receiving

Last time I left you with a question: “What does “filling up your joy tank” mean to you?” I loved the response I got from Connie Short in the comment section. She was brilliant and I will tell you why. But before we discuss [...]

Moving Forward – Car Maintenance

Much of the time, we live our lives trying to avoid stress. Sometimes that works. But let me ask you a question... How did that work for you during COVID? How is it working for you now? Between the news, job changes, family issues... [...]

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Moving Forward – Re-labeling Event

So what happens when you are exploring, and an unpleasant memory comes up? Last time we talked about some of the reasons we stay stuck. We want to move forward, but feel like we are standing still, or going around in circles. Sometimes it [...]

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Moving Forward – One Step

Does seeing only one step at a time make you nervous? Well, it makes me nervous. I would like to see a lot further down the path, so I know what to expect. Hmm. Maybe that is the issue... Expectations Perhaps God knows that [...]

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Moving Forward – What do I do with Negative Emotions?

I can fellowship with my frustration or I can bring it to God and fellowship with Him. My choice. Attention Have you ever had a small child trying to get your attention? What happens when you try to move them on or redirect them? [...]

Moving Forward – Awareness

Our first discussions have been about preparation for moving forward. We discussed how every journey has a starting place and that God is here to help us understand our interior life. Connecting our awareness with God is the most important thing we do. I [...]

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Moving Forward – Direction

In the last post, we discussed the benefit of knowing your starting place. There are many more helpful tips and tools to come for moving forward onto your path of joy. Inner awareness Click here for a refresher on the first tip/tool and perhaps [...]

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