Confidence is a wonderful feeling. Would you like more?

In a previous post, we looked at Philippians 3 verse 3. Paul says that those in Christ Jesus, put “no confidence in the flesh.” The Greek word translated to “flesh” can be better understood as “self.” Perhaps we could say, “those in Christ Jesus, put no confidence in the self.”

Wait a minute. Isn’t self-confidence something we want? That wonderful feeling of confidence often leads us to act in boldness and not shrink back?

Yes, we want to be confident. But let’s look at what can happen to us at times if we are not aware.

Good beginning

I was having a conversation with two friends who are also coaches/counselors. One of them published his fourth book recently and asked us both, “when are you going to publish your books?” We both looked down. I immediately thought I am happy to cheer anyone else on, but not me, I’m not a writer.

But that conversation opened a window to some new thoughts. I do have a message that is burning in my heart to share. I find myself saying the same things over and over to those I help. Maybe it is a good idea to put it in a book? I thought I sensed a smile from God. But I didn’t want to think of it too much.

The thought kept growing.

A few months later I was talking with my author friend, and he said, “I’ll write a book with you.” Again, I felt God smile and the process began. My friend gave me great tips to get started and I have been writing a bit every day for the past few months.


Then last week I hit a brick wall in my mind. “I can’t do this?” “I don’t think my health is strong enough.” “I don’t want to add to the many books already out there. “I hate competing for people’s time…”

So I dropped the thought of a book and turned my attention to something else.

It so happened it was the same day on my calendar dedicated to writing my next post.

Eating my own words

I opened up the document of what I wrote last time. There, staring in my face, was my commitment to write part 2 of

… put no confidence in the self.

Oh my, I was unconsciously looking for self-confidence to write a book. Just look how often the word “I” appeared in the objections I shared above. I decided I would confess this temporary insanity to you all and go back to focusing on God. It was very clear again, God was smiling, and even perhaps a wink. I am learning the lesson even deeper and asking for God’s help to focus on Him and join Him.

Your turn

What have you backed away from lately because your “self” confidence was getting small?

Is it time for a re-focus?

How does God want to give you some God-confidence?