Hello, how are your trips to the joy filling station going?  Has it been helpful to fill up more — instead of trying to avoid all stress, and difficult situations?

Last time we also discussed looking to God and not ourselves to create joy. We pursue His Kingdom, not our own.

God is joy.

My practice session

The other day I went to the dentist and discovered I might have an infection or a failed implant. I felt a leap in my stomach when the dentist referred me to  go see the surgeon and discover what is going on. “Oh no. What’s this going to entail?”

As the day progressed, I tried to keep pushing off the feeling by praising God and thanking Him for all He has done. But the leap in my stomach started to grow into a knot. I was taking shallow breaths and subconsciously …

I was just trying to stay busy… But my body wasn’t buying it!

Thankfully I felt God’s gentle nudge to stop and talk with Him.

So I stopped… but didn’t hear much…

When I try to talk with God and am not hearing much, I often go to a previous thought I felt He has shown me. I thought about the car analogy and filling up the joy tank. I wasn’t sensing much joy. When I stopped distracting myself I realized my emotions were all over the place like a 3 ring circus!

Then I used my 4 steps GIFT tool* to gain some insight. I find the tool helps me ask God different questions and come into a conversation in a different way. Love it!

As God and I processed the emotions together, the car analogy expanded.

Warning light on a dashboard

The following is a “conversation” of sorts. I am not claiming I hear God’s voice 100% accurate. But here is what I sensed…

God: If emotions are like a warning light on a dashboard, how do you feel when a light actually comes on in your Mazda?

Me: If don’t know what the light signifies, and I might get the leap in my stomach. “Oh no. What’s this going to entail?”

It got silent for awhile — then I felt God asked me this question,

“How would you feel if your car was under warranty with a company that you knew was able to take care of it?”

Me: That changes everything. I don’t get that leap in my stomach.

Me: I see what You are saying Lord,

His Written Word: “casting all your anxiety onto Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Me: You care for me. And the verse before that, reminds me to humble myself.

His Written Word: “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time” 1 Peter 5:6

Me: Lord, I let go of trying to hold everything together. I let go of trying to make my kingdom work. My life is Yours. Thank You for the peace that You are giving me now.

Your Turn

What warning lights (emotions) come up for you when you get still?

Dancing again on His Path,




PS – I saw the surgeon yesterday. The implant is intact. I have a small growth near the area which is causing the pain. I will treat it and pray it dissolves. YAY

** Contact me if you would like to learn the 4 Step GIFT tool for emotions.