Is it possible we are making time with God more complicated than it needs to be?

When we think of spending time with friends, we don’t think of it as a project.

  • We don’t feel we have to learn something or hear something profound.
  • We don’t feel we have to be on our “best” behavior all the time with them.

There is a phrase that when we are with them,

“We let our hair down.”


We may even have some friends or family members that take no energy!

  • We just show up in the same room or meet somewhere and relax.
  • We share a meal together or watch the sky, sip tea, or just sit around like a blob.

These are the type of people we feel accepted and safe with.

  • We don’t always need to be talking.
  • We don’t need to be doing anything!


Would aspects of this comfort in a relationship describe your time with God?

If not, what could help?

If so, how does God want to go deeper with you?

Idea – Psalm 139:1-6

Take some time to slowly read through the first 6 verses of Psalm 139. It is a precious Psalm that is familiar to many of us.

Whether it is familiar or not, perhaps there is more to discover? And not only discover with your cognitive understanding but also let yourself experience and enjoy it.

As you read the verses, think about how it feels to have God “hem” you in. We love knowing that God knows us and is with us. Read it with new eyes and an eager heart. Read in different versions. Or you can have it read to you on

Let me know what happens.