Do you know there are people you can reach — that Joyce Meyer can’t?

That was quite a thought that popped into my head in the middle of the night.

I was trying to fall back asleep but found myself replaying the day before over and over in my mind.

Do you ever do that?

The day had felt like a washout. I couldn’t concentrate, the fridge was leaking, there was a lot of noise all around and the Internet wasn’t working. I couldn’t complete my job or any other commitments that I had made.

But during the day I had gotten a text message from a friend in my neighborhood. She asked me if I wanted a chair that she wasn’t using. I thought, “I don’t know, I have nowhere to put anything, I can’t think straight…” But something prompted me to pop over to her house anyway.

I found my friend very distraught. She’s been working with her physical therapist on her knees. But she was very discouraged because her knees were so swollen today and she was in great pain. She described all the projects she started around her house and that she couldn’t finish because of the pain.

My heart went out to her. I felt useless that there wasn’t anything I could do to change her situation. I had a lot of compassion and tried to love her the best I could. I just listened.

New perspective

But as I reflected on the visit to my friend, I realized two things. 1) It was Jesus’ love that was being poured through me to my friend. And 2) I wasn’t a famous Bible teacher or accomplished author. But I could be there for her.

I felt God’s love wash all around me. The same encouragement and love from Jesus — was exactly what I needed as well. On a day I thought was a washout, Jehovah sneaky did a two for one.

Your Turn

Do you look back on your day and wonder what was that?

Is there something Jesus would like to show you?

Is there a new perspective from Jehovah Sneaky?

PS – I don’t recommend lying awake at night going over and over your day. That is not a great idea. But what is great is talking to God about everything – 1 Thess 5:17