Sometimes taking a nap is the most spiritual thing you could do.

Does that sound a little crazy to you?

I mean, wouldn’t it be more spiritual to fight the tiredness and read the Bible? Maybe go help someone or spend time in intercessory prayer? Isn’t taking a nap just trying to escape responsibilities?

No. The Holy Spirit can show us the difference between escaping or taking care of our physical needs.

Last week my thoughts were getting pretty negative. My emotions were following the trail of my thoughts. On the outside, I was doing good things with my time, but my spirit was running dry. I wasn’t talking or thinking much with God, more trying to make Him happy through what I thought was best.

I was running on autopilot – self-autopilot.

In some ways, it seemed I was doing fine because I was doing good things. But, in reality, I was living in survival mode — relying on my own energy.

Does that ever happen to you?

Then Saturday came along. This is the day I have a regular connecting time with a friend where we come together to see what God would show us together. She didn’t know I was tired and depleted. I didn’t realize how depleted I was until she shared her experience. She said, “I realized this week I over-did it, and I learned I don’t think straight when I’m overtired.”

That got me thinking about my week. I had skipped my usual day off to attend to another responsibility. It had been a few weeks since I really took a break from being available 24/7 to my job and the people I care about. Hmmm, I was looking faithful and helpful on the outside, but I had neglected what was really important.

We wouldn’t expect our phone to continue to run without ever having to plug it in!

We are also used to getting weekly updates on our phones and computers. Could I be needing an update from the Father?

We need to be regularly recharged and updated!

Could it actually be a form of pride to think that I don’t need to pull away and rest? Even our family and those who are depending on us can go a few hours on their own. Even little children can be taken care of by someone else.

Moms – if you won a free ticket to your favorite music group – you’d find a way to go! So, we know you can pull away when needed. And, you need to!

Just saying.

Your turn.

When was the last time you just paused all communication and availability to everybody? When did you last literally unplug? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. I took a nap

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