fellowship with God

I can fellowship with my frustration or
I can bring it to God
and fellowship with Him.

My choice.


Have you ever had a small child trying to get your attention? What happens when you try to move them on or redirect them? Usually, it works for, well, a minute… But the child comes back until they get to say what they need to say.

Emotions work the same way. We can push them away for a time, but they persist until they get your attention. They have a message to get to you that you are not paying attention to.

I call these messages, “gifts.” But gifts need to be unwrapped so you can enjoy them.


Some of you are familiar with the four-step process I use to unwrap my emotions.

Last night when I used this method to unwrap a “persistent” gift, I was blessed with some insights and a greater closeness to God.

I realized I had been irritable and snapped at Mark when he asked me for something. I had shown him where we keep our WIFI code for guests MANY times! The same with our address book, phone numbers, plastic bags, rags, the mail key, the empty pop cans…. Do I need to go on or do you feel my pain already?

Moving through the steps

Anyway, as I wrote out the 4 steps what God brought to light was some changes that were coming in my life.

I hadn’t wanted to think about these changes, so I pushed them away.

But, as I talked with God, He began to show me some incredible opportunities with these changes. He highlighted these changes will help me get unstuck. When I got to the final step of the process, I had a wonderful plan in place to partner with God moving forward. I would not have gotten to this place without unwrapping the gift of frustration with God.

When I didn’t bring frustration to the Lord to talk to Him about it, Emotions are a gift. They are not something that we just “tolerate” or “manage.” They are a gift.

Who gives intuition to the heart
and instinct to the mind? Job 38:36

Your turn

Is there something you are avoiding? Is there something that needs to be unwrapped?

I’d love to hear from anyone what they experience with their emotions.