I just need more faith!”

Have you heard someone say that? Have you said it yourself?

I think we get the words faith and trust mixed up.

Faith is a gift from God. I don’t want to get too technical here – but the Greek word we translate as faith is defined as follows in the Helps Lexicon: 4102/pistis – “In its biblical sense, faith is always received by believers (never self-generated).  Faith is always the gift (work) of God, from the moment of conversion to the end of sanctification. According to Heb 11:1-3, faith is a [divine] persuasion.

Eph 2:8,9: ” For by grace you have been saved through faith (4102/pistis); and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God9not as a result of works, so that no one may boast”

Trust is a choice of what to do with God’s gift of faith to us.

Are we going to believe what God said about our salvation? Is He trustworthy?

Trust is also something that grows or shrinks depending on the subject. Whatever we look to for peace and confidence is where our trust is. For example, the Bible warns us not to trust in money because it can go. (Enter taxes… never mind that rabbit trail.)

We are not doing the heavy lifting of creating faith or trust.

We are responders.

So, as I think about trust, this question came to me.

What if trusting God is more about Him than us? ​

Think about it. How does trust grows in all your human relationships? You get to know them more, right?

When they show themselves trustworthy, your trust grows.

Therefore, the more we hang out with God and get to know Him, interact with Him…the more our trust grows. Could it really be this simple? Could I replace striving to create faith with relaxing into His care? Could I replace beating myself up when I feel a lack of trust with asking for His help?

We can spend time with God by enjoying Him through His Word, prayer, worship, nature, stillness, dance, friends… to name just a few ways. This time creates the rest and confidence we so desperately need.

Trust is the outcome of spending time with God.

Your Turn

What can you do today to spend time with God? The time you spend with God will expand your trust in Him. No striving – just responding by enjoying Him.

PS – Guess Who wants to help you?

Here is a great article on How to Trust. If that link doesn’t work, please email me or fill out the contact form on the website to request a copy. “Don’t try to trust. Instead, just allow yourself to be loved.” Graham Cooke