Here is another thought, about thoughts.

This thought started to percolate as I was writing material on skills for healthy relationships. I find people have good relationships when they are genuinely curious and respectful of other people’s thoughts, values, and feelings. They think like an explorer rather than a judge or prosecuting lawyer. There is an absence of assuming, accusing, and judging.

Here is the truth though

We treat others the same way we treat ourselves. Many of us are our own lawyers, judges, jury, and punishers.

Is there be a better way?

The word exploratory has some synonyms that expand our understanding – searching, experimental, provisional, tentative.

What if

  • What if, instead of trying to reach conclusions about ourselves, we adopt an attitude of exploration.
  • What if our ruminating about if we did well or not in a situation, changed to what did I learn from this experiment that will help moving forward?
  • What if instead of fearing failure, we used the adjective provisional? (definition – arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later)

What if exploratory thoughts left room for growth?

Your Turn

Here is a beautiful song by Jonathan and Melissa Helser – So Much Grace (Official Lyric Video) | Beautiful Surrender

I invite you to journal what you sense God showing you through this song and what I shared about exploratory thoughts.