You are going about your day. You are taking care of responsibilities and getting your “tasks” done. Then, out of the blue, you have a wild thought.

  • Oh, I forgot to call _______, they are going to think I don’t care.”
  • “My son doesn’t talk call very often. I wonder if he cares for me at all?”
  • I really don’t want to _________. But I know I should. I feel like a failure.”

These are what I call, “wild thoughts.” They are often running just below our conscious awareness and pop up every now and then. We tend to dismiss them and keep plowing through our “to do” list. I mean, we can’t pay attention to everything, can we?


If we have a lot of wild thoughts, it might be time to get proactive. My friend Mindi Lyons writes a wonderful devotional every morning. I just love what she wrote the other day.

“Sometimes when we aren’t taking the time to heal past wounds or unhealthy behaviors or thought patterns, as disgusting of a metaphor as this is… it’s like a clogged toilet. Sometimes some of the water will slowly drain, but it can’t fully flush because something is stopping the flow.”

That really says it all, doesn’t it?

I like how Mindi used the term, “thought patterns.” That is what is happening. When we let “wild” thoughts flow all the time, they become thought patterns.

So, what do we do?

It’s time to stop running from these pesky, what seems like, “little” thoughts. They have added up over time and become a pattern.

Blow the whistle. Bring them out of hiding into your direct view.

This doesn’t have to be a long involved process. Start with a simple conversation with God. Ask if there is something you need to address. If there is, the answer will come quickly. God is specific and clear. I find journaling is the most helpful.

The enemy on the other hand is muddled and condemning. Be on the watch for those thoughts. Anything that separates you from God’s precious love is not from Him.

Call a friend

If you feel stuck, call a friend that you respect. Ask them to simply sit with you so you can hear God’s response. Tell them you don’t need advice right now, just someone to sit with you as you pray.

Don’t tackle more than what God shows you.

God loves you. Think about His nature of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, etc. That is how He leads us. Keep it simple and rely on Him. I promise you, He cares for you and will work in you.

Example: Lord, I keep having wild thoughts such as I won’t get everything done I need to do today.
I sensed He replied: We walk together. Phil 1:6 Put your hand in Mine. 

Your Turn:

Wild thought:

What might He say:

More next time,

Dancing on the pathway of joy,


On the pathway of joy,


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