We’ve looked at wild thoughts and how to tame them. We’ve looked at inspired thoughts and how to welcome them.

Now we’re going to look at intentional thoughts.


The definition of intentional from Meriam Webster is, done on purpose; deliberate. Synonyms: calculated, conscious, planned, considered, studied.

I am using the term “intentional thoughts” is to differentiate the deliberate, planned thoughts from the purely “inspired thoughts” from God. We continue to ask for His inspired thoughts in all our circumstances, but intentional thoughts can help pave the way.

Intentional thoughts are ones you plan to meditate on. These thoughts could be part of a devotional series you are doing, reading through the Bible, or a word study you are doing. We pick these intentional thoughts.

 God’s Word is filled with direction to fill our minds with intentional thoughts.

Philippians 4:8, Romans 12:2, Col 3:2, Romans 8:5-6, 2 Corinthians 10:5, 1 Peter 1:13; 2 Timothy 2:7, Proverbs 15:28. The list is endless, in every book!


There is a multitude of reasons why God wants us to be intentional with our thoughts. I am going to look at just a few.

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast: I will sing and give praise.” Psalm 57:7

The word translated “steadfast” means to be prepared, be arranged, be settled, to establish, set up, accomplish, do, make firm, to fix, make ready. (Strong’s concordance)

Intentional thoughts prepare us. They are part of the transformation process that God is doing in us.

Intentional thoughts prepare us to receive more inspired thoughts.

To review, Meriam Webster defines the word “inspired” as, of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

Now we know that every word in the Bible is inspired by God, 2 Timothy 3:16. What I am saying here is that the more we intentionally fill our minds with God, we are prepared to receive personal inspiration as well. We are led by God, just as Jesus was led into the wilderness, and the apostles were led to various acts and mission trips. God desires to lead us.

“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” Romans 8:14

What does this look like?

Intentional thoughts are choosing to meditate on God in a methodical, planned way. We can do this by picking a Scripture to think on, chew on, over and over. The word meditate actually means to mutter over and over. There is nothing like it. Some people even decide to memorize a verse or a chapter.

Whether you write out the verse, keep looking at it in your Bible, or memorize, this intentional choice is life-changing. (Contact me if you are interested in any great resources for memorization.)

Another way to be intentional with our thoughts is to recount His faithfulness in your life. We will discuss this more next time.

Motivating Thought

One more benefit from intentional thoughts. Not only are you making more room for inspired thoughts, BUT…

you leave less space in your mind for those darn wild thoughts.


Your Turn:

So, what do you think, about thoughts?

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