I promised last week to expand on the statement, “God helps us with our thinking.” That is such an exciting topic I can’t wait to share with you.

However, this week I am sharing another incredible way God helps us move forward on His path of joy.

My Dental Story

I could also title this story, “I Don’t Know What To Do, This Feels Too Big To Deal With.”

Have you ever felt that way about something in your life? Have you ever put something off because you just didn’t want to face it? Perhaps you accepted the consequences and discomfort just because you didn’t know how you could resolve the problem?

That’s what I did for years with my dental situation. I think back to 24 years ago. I remember where I was standing when I felt a loose tooth. It was like a kick in the stomach. I had just had extensive dental work done, and now it was falling out.

We came to discover later that it was one of the side effects of a prescription medication I had taken. The drug has been recalled and many have suffered as a result.

The Journey

That started our long journey of trying to figure out what to do, the dental part was just one piece!

We saw several dentists in SD for their recommendations but ended up going to Tijuana for affordable care. We found some great dental care there – and some not so good.

When Covid hit I was no longer able to cross the border for treatments and I got continuous dental infections.

Crisis, and love steps in

One of my biggest fears, and the final straw, was losing a front tooth. My friend set up an emergency dental appointment with Dr. Garofolo at The Dentistry Collective. It was right at the beginning of Covid. It was high security to get in, but my husband and I liked him immediately. He spent time hearing the story and said he felt it was time to end the battle and have the remaining teeth pulled. He gave me a prescription for the infection and helped us set up an appointment with a surgeon with whom he works.

The following week we saw the excellent surgeon who did a thorough work up on my teeth – 3D pictures and all. He explained the procedure and the bone grafts I would need in order to support dentures.

Possible solution? but…

We were encouraged that this could be a solution. However, we did not know what to do about the money needed for the surgery. Being in the middle of Covid, combined with other extenuating financial circumstances, left us with too many unknowns.

I let another 8 months go by but at the 4th infection, I realized I had to do something. We had seen some other dentists and also called the Loma Linda dentistry school. Some of the options were even more expensive, and the dentistry school was an hour drive and a long waiting list to even get the process started.

More incredible love from friends

That is where another friend stepped in. She and her husband started a GoFundMe to raise money for the surgery. I was horrified when I found out. I felt like there are so many more worthy people and needs out there. I talked with my boss, the senior pastor of my church, who encouraged me to accept help. He and his family have been accepting help for the past 17 months as his wife was battling cancer for the third time.

I am humbled, speechless, and ready to let go of my fears. I am ready to be part of something bigger. One of my friends even reached out to the dental team to lower the price, and they have.

Throughout this journey, I have learned a lot about myself and about God. I have also experienced the role my friends have played through this journey. We had one couple that drove us to Tijuana every month for years! With all this incredible outpouring of love, I am learning that I am part of something bigger. When I don’t have the strength to face the tough stuff, God provides His love and people who care.

And you?

We are on this journey together. Let me know how I can care for you. Let me know how I can pray and what resources I have that can help you face the tough stuff that you are not meant to face on your own.