psalm 34v18


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Last week we discussed the fact that this journey is not just hard, but impossible.

Thankfully, we ended with a great reminder and tip #7, “I can do this WITH You Lord.”

Conversation Prompts

We have accumulated 7 tips so far. These tips are prompts for conversations with God.

  • No one can have these conversations for you.
  • You can hear about other’s experiences with God.
  • You can read about God’s interactions with man throughout the Bible.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace you and God spending time together.


How do you connect with Someone you can’t see?

How do you talk with Someone that doesn’t have a “typical” voice?

Let’s review:

Tip #1 – Ask God to help you become aware of what is going on in you – Search my heart O God.

Here’s the key:

If we try to connect and talk with God the same way we would with our human faculties, we miss the boat.

It is God who connects with us in our inner being.

Let that really sink in. The responsibility is with God.

You can’t make something supernatural happen.

Yes, let all the pressure fall off your shoulders of trying to make something happen. Let all the expectations go of what this connection is supposed to look like.

Our part is to simply ask.

Paul prayed this powerful prayer in his letter to the Ephesians 3:18:

“I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being”

Here’s an idea.

Write the above verse on a card and carry it with you all week long. Read it often and concentrate on one word at a time.

Let me know when you become convinced that He has enough glorious riches to connect with you and strengthen you.


Thank You, Lord, that it is from Your glorious riches that I can ask You to communicate with and strengthen my inner being. It is because of Your great love I trust You to answer this cry of my heart.

P.S. If I could add one thought it would be – it helps if you relax! Think of His abundant riches, His goodness, and power, like a wonderful hot bath on a cold day. Slide in and soak. I guarantee He will be delighted to be with you.

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