psalm 27
1 Chronicles 16v11

What have I done?

In my excitement of starting a blog, I reached out to all my friends. I asked for prayer, which is always smart, but I also asked if they would journey with me and subscribe.

That sounded like a great idea … at the time.

When I realized what I had done, I started to panic. My mind started spinning as fast as the spin cycle on a washing machine. I realized I was now committed to writing something, and something worth their time to read! I was out of the starting block, this is no longer a concept, but a commitment.

  • What if I can’t create anything of value?
  • What if I can’t keep their attention?

The snowball started getting bigger. Have you ever been there?

I started to practice the tools we are learning so far. To become aware of where I am starting, where God is taking me, and asking better questions. But this was very difficult when my mind was spinning at 130 miles per hour! My wheels were spinning but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

The faster I was trying to go, the worse it would get.

My husband Mark asked, “What’s on your mind?” I think he sensed my distraction. I answered simply, “I am formatting in my head. I need a good template for worksheets ASAP.”

What happened next was mercy from God.

As those words came out of my mouth, I realized I was not present with my husband. I was distracted and short-changing him with my lack of attention.

Then I started to realize all the other areas I was short-changing. My health wasn’t great, I wasn’t sleeping well, I had cut out my fun times, and…I was also short-changing God with a lack of presence. I had spun off at high speed and I knew it wasn’t good.

The next day I was out for my morning jog/walk and was talking to God about the choices I had been making and how I wasn’t making any progress. I was torn between feeling bad and STILL wanting to produce great things!

All of a sudden, I looked up where I was walking. Right there in front of me was a speed bump.

In His mercy, God used the inner conflict as
a speed bump to slow me down.

I recognized it quickly because this wasn’t my first speed bump. The consequences in this example were not as severe as some I have experienced. But I knew I needed to go on the offensive to break this bad habit of mine.

Tip #5 – Set a reminder once a day to ask God about the speed you are traveling.

My timer is about to go off now, gotta go. See you next week.