I’m coming on camera to smile.
Yes, I have even fewer teeth than before Covid.
My trips to Tijuana to try to save my teeth were interrupted through the quarantine. The dental infections have had a big influence on my health – and I didn’t want anyone to see me.
I didn’t want to face the truth myself.
But, what I have learned from many of you who are brave enough to tell me what you’re going through – is that when we share and go to God together – He is always there. He reveals resources and tools we didn’t know we had.
The enemy has robbed us for way too long.
My prayer is that coming on the camera will give you the courage to face whatever you are going through.
John asked if I had any resources to share to help us Covid. I thought of the workshops I teach when we travel. I have been sharing them lately on private zoom calls.
I asked him, How I would let people know?” He suggested doing short videos of his noontime encouraging words. Which I love by the way. I got off the phone and thought, he just suggested that a toothless woman goes on camera – so here I am!
If you are interested in a conversation or a workshop, check out my website and give me a call or email. God has so much more for us. I welcome any calls and conversations.