In the last post, we discussed the benefit of knowing your starting place. There are many more helpful tips and tools to come for moving forward onto your path of joy.

Inner awareness

Click here for a refresher on the first tip/tool and perhaps take a few minutes to complete the exercise if you haven’t already. What we are learning here is meeting with God in our inner man. It is the practice of inner (or self) awareness.

Avoid the downside of introspection

In the first exercise, I encouraged you to start in prayer and do it “with God?” This is important because anytime we look at what is going on inside of us, we risk one of two things happening.

  1. We get side-tracked or stuck in over-thinking about our faults or the faults of others.
  2. We can’t see our blind spots, so we miss seeing helpful information and live in denial.

King David found the secret here – Psalm 139:23 “Look deep into my heart, God, and find out everything I am thinking.” CEV

Now discern where you want to go 

Another wise man said this, Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” NKJV

For years I was afraid to listen to my heart. I thought my heart was deceitful and wicked like it said in Jeremiah. God was speaking through the prophet about the tribe of Judah’s heart. I have learned about the new heart God gave us. Feel free to contact me here for my study on this subject.

The key is asking for God’s help and staying aware of His love and power in your life.

What does God have for you?

Tip #2 – Ask God to help you discern your desires and His best for you

Your Turn

Talk to God about your desires.

  • Where do you want to grow in your inner life?
  • What is on your heart?

When we are in love with God and following Him, He will often place His desires in our hearts. Ask God about His desires and steps for you. You may want to make a few notes in a new journal that will be your travel journal. It will be exciting to track the journey.

Coming Up

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