Thank You all for your gracious responses to my video last week as I smiled on camera with missing teeth. I’m glad that it helped some of you to face some hard things in your life.

And I am glad that some of you signed up to take one of the free zoom workshops.

You see I believe that this is exactly the time to learn to process loss and change. It is exactly the time to learn how to regulate our emotions and even benefit from them.

This is crucial for everyone, whether you feel you are an emotional person or not.

You might think the last thing you need is another zoom call. But I am telling you will get in these free workshops will make such a significant difference in all areas of your life. You will have more peace, more clarity and your relationships will benefit. Who couldn’t use that!

Am I being too bold? These tools work.

Let me read you some comments from some of the people from this week:

“The workshop was very beneficial it gave me a reasonable and predictable format to process my emotions. I can use this tool on a daily basis.”

Another person said:

“The biggest light bulb moment for me was that emotions could be considered an opportunity to connect, they don’t have to be a curse and they’re not an automatic isolation.”

That’s really good. Another person shared:

“I’m already benefiting from the tools I’ve learned. I was able to regulate my emotions today in a conflict. It was really hard at first because my heart was racing and usually, I would need to shut down the conversation immediately or I’d have an emotional outburst. But in the moment, i was able to reach out to God to help me understand what emotions were coming into play. Using the GIFT tool prevented me from responding with anger. I was even able to help calm down the other person.”

So, please reach out to me to take a workshop. Pass along this information. Perhaps you know a young person or an older person that would benefit.

We can learn how to process loss, regulate emotions, and really grasp the life of joy that is ours in God.

The more we use these tools, and protect our peace, the joy grows.

Even in this time of instability, we will shine.

Contact me here for days and times available.

Thank you

Partnering with God on the pathway of joy,