Are there times to be selfish regarding your dreams?

There is lots of discussion these days about finding our dreams and destinies. The question that comes to play is “Are they dreams/destinies we have planned [that we want God to bless] or are they ones God has put in our heart?” In Timothy Keller’s sermon he describes the difference between having a concept of God …read in detail

Book Summary: “The PAPA prayer” by Larry Crabb

Intro: This book is for people who long to hear God’s voice – to know God so well that His life actually becomes theirs. Part 1:  Getting Ready to Pray the PAPA Prayer Ever ask for something from God that you didn’t get? Every pray for guidance, esp. in difficult relationship that never came? Ever …read in detail

How can I learn to hear God more? Part 4

The session entitled, “The Still Small Voice and its Rivals,” provided a wonderful “ah-ha” revelation for me. I saw that for many years, I had viewed my relationship with God as a project, an external study. In my eagerness to catch up with young people who had grown up in church and were familiar with …read in detail

How can I learn to hear God more? part 3

Trinitarian Fellowship This was definitely my favorite session. Dallas Willard starts off by summarizing the last few sessions by discussion of the distance that God leaves, at the same time the nearness. The distance is a matter of how He leaves us room to decide, to feel, to experience the consequences of events and to …read in detail