How would you respond to this woman if you were praying together?

Anne writes: I feel drawn to spend more and more time in prayer. I hunger for the Lord’s presence in silence and solitude. The trouble is, I have so many distractions in my life. I’m a housewife and mother of school age children and I’m a nurse part-time.  To make things even busier my mother-in-law …read in detail

Could I really become aware of God all day long?

I was excited to discover notes that my husband Mark took when he was studying Abiding Prayer over thirty years ago. I found them helpful as I have been on this journey for awhile and starting to see some pieces go together. Even though, I am beginning to experience the fruit of sitting in silence …read in detail

Are you suggesting we may have an idols in our lives?

No, I am suggesting that we are “idol factories.”  We were created to worship and when we lose focus on the ONLY ONE who deserves our full worship, we create idols. Here is a quote from the excellent resources on written by Ken Sande: Even sincere Christians struggle with idolatry. We may believe in …read in detail