Have you Read “Feel” by Matthew Elliot?

Feel – Matthew Elliot   Download study guide at www.faithfulfeelings.com Your emotional makeup is a complex interaction between your personality, culture, family background, personal experience, and belief system. Each of us can benefit by knowing what emotions are and how God designed them to operate in our lives. To grow toward emotional fullness and maturity, we …read in detail

Are you looking for peace in all the wrong places?

We are familiar with the country song, “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places,” but I realized today I was looking for peace in the wrong places. Here is my story. I am in the middle of more dental work and experiencing pain and discomfort. I was hoping to get more work finished today …read in detail

What can I do with restrictions I face?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the restrictions you feel in life? Perhaps they are financial restrictions, or physical restrictions or even emotional restrictions from situations you just can’t seem to get free from. Lately I have been thinking about the restrictions I feel in  times of extended physical pain. I dread these times and …read in detail