I thought I had dealt with that already?

I had a good spiritual workout this week.  That is my new way of saying, “It was a rough week.” Several things all happened at once and I was feeling overwhelmed.  I was coping with fears and thoughts that I was under the impression I had “grown” beyond. Here is the thing about our spiritual …read in detail

Do you need a boost of hope today?

We are headed into the final days before Christmas.  I continue to aim my focus toward the majesty and awe of God, instead of the pressure and temptations I perceive.  One sermon has helped me in this season, a good old fashion sermon about persevering! Kris Vallaton of Bethel Church in Redding taught a sermon …read in detail

Are you suggesting we may have an idols in our lives?

No, I am suggesting that we are “idol factories.”  We were created to worship and when we lose focus on the ONLY ONE who deserves our full worship, we create idols. Here is a quote from the excellent resources on Peacemaker.net written by Ken Sande: Even sincere Christians struggle with idolatry. We may believe in …read in detail