How can I learn to hear God more? part 3

Trinitarian Fellowship This was definitely my favorite session. Dallas Willard starts off by summarizing the last few sessions by discussion of the distance that God leaves, at the same time the nearness. The distance is a matter of how He leaves us room to decide, to feel, to experience the consequences of events and to …read in detail

How can I learn to hear God more? part 1

I started an exciting adventure a few weeks ago with several people from a few different churches.  We are meeting together each week to listen to and study the DVD discussion series on the book by Dallas Willard, Hearing God: `Developing a Conversational Relationship with God. (View on Amazon or to purchase a used copy check out …read in detail

I thought I had dealt with that already?

I had a good spiritual workout this week.  That is my new way of saying, “It was a rough week.” Several things all happened at once and I was feeling overwhelmed.  I was coping with fears and thoughts that I was under the impression I had “grown” beyond. Here is the thing about our spiritual …read in detail

What have you assumed to be God’s “job” in your life?

The first time I read material written by Dr. Larry Crabb was in Bible College in the early 1980’s.  He has helped shaped my Christian walk and outlook significantly.  I highly recommend for you to follow his blog. Making Life Work Better So We Can Feel Better by newwaymin “It seems we are devoting our best efforts to …read in detail