How can I learn to hear God more? part 3

Trinitarian Fellowship This was definitely my favorite session. Dallas Willard starts off by summarizing the last few sessions by discussion of the distance that God leaves, at the same time the nearness. The distance is a matter of how He leaves us room to decide, to feel, to experience the consequences of events and to …read in detail

How do you know if you are hearing from God or relying on “feeling a peace?”

This is a very good question as I have a hunch that we are looking for a feeling more often than we know.  Mark wrote an excellent series on Hearing the Voice of God.  Here are some of his points: MAKING A CHOICE TO OBEY – The question we usually ask is; “What is God’s will …read in detail

Would you like to know how to resolve everyday conflict?

“Unforgiveness is the poison we drink, hoping the other person will die” This is a great little book!  Ken Sande writes about the causes of conflict and warns about the tragic results of unresolved conflict. I am not sure I have met anyone in my life that does not have some sort of conflict around …read in detail