Are there times to be selfish regarding your dreams?

There is lots of discussion these days about finding our dreams and destinies. The question that comes to play is “Are they dreams/destinies we have planned [that we want God to bless] or are they ones God has put in our heart?” In Timothy Keller’s sermon he describes the difference between having a concept of God …read in detail

Is there a secret to a Christian’s happy life?

One of my favorite books is a little paperback by Hannah Whittall Smith called “The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life.” Now there is a title! There are many excellent summaries available that I have given links to at the bottom of this post, but I would encourage you to make the time and read …read in detail

Book Summary: “The PAPA prayer” by Larry Crabb

Intro: This book is for people who long to hear God’s voice – to know God so well that His life actually becomes theirs. Part 1:  Getting Ready to Pray the PAPA Prayer Ever ask for something from God that you didn’t get? Every pray for guidance, esp. in difficult relationship that never came? Ever …read in detail