Have I lost my wonder?

It really struck me last week when my friend said to his class at the retirement home, “We need to apologize to you for the hundreds of Sunday School classes where we tried to explain God and His Word with so much reasoning that we neglected to exhort you to keep your wonder alive.” That was not a direct quote, but that was a power packed thought I was left with. He proceeded to talk about the four gospels and the places that they differ and all the reasons and possibilities that the theologians and teachers give for the conflicts. But he kept drawing us back to the question, “But does it matter?” It is more important to pick up why God is saying these things to us through each writer. Press in and never think you have it all understood. Leave room for wonder.

Later in the week I  listened to a podcast by Timothy Keller. Keller is an author and pastor and he encouraged me again to dust off my ability to “wonder.” In his sermon, Keller highlights the process Isaiah went through as he was called.  This is a must listen sermon for everyone.  He shares the difference between having a God concept and a God-quake. The first one is where you fit God into your life, the later is where any thought of “your” life is thrown out the window for something bigger. Keep the wonder alive.

I was very encouraged by this sermon and then when I got to church our worship leader led us in this song:



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