Do you want to join our JOY group?

In these next eight weeks we will be studying, discussing and experiencing God’s attribute of joy. Wow are we in for some en-joy-ment! Joy is described in many ways in Scripture; various types of joy, causes of joy and the effects of joy. Each of us will have different aspects and experiences to share so let’s think about some ground rules to go by:

  • This is a safe zone to experiment and grow. In fact you don’t grow unless you do experiment – whether that be small risks or large ones.
  • No one is wrong or behind or ahead. We are in a journey with God, and we are in this together.
  • No one is required to share, only as would give you joy!
  • Each of us will experience the study, fellowship and exercises differently. Let’s let go of comparing and putting ourselves down. Time for joy.

Let’s start with an exercise to warm our joy receptors up:

1)  Think about a past positive experience with the Lord – an experience where you felt connected to Him and glad to be with Him. The Scriptures encourage this activity. “Remember what I have done for you this day,” or “Make a pile of stones in this place to remind yourselves of how I provided for you in this place,” or “Have a feast at this time each year, and tell your children about how I delivered you from your enemies.”

** If you could not remember any time of connecting with God, write about your last positive experience with a friend or family member where you felt joy. God is in our relationships and doesn’t always tip His hand like a “church” or spiritual type of experience.

2)  Deliberately focus on appreciating His presence and the way He cared for you in this past experience. Many of the Psalms are various forms of deliberately appreciating the Lord’s presence and goodness.

3)  Write a few words down about what you remember. You are invited to share later or just savor by yourself.



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