What does it mean to read the Bible with the heart?

I encourage you to listen to these wonderful videos by Richard Foster on YouTube.

Here are some notes from the fourth video in the series titled: The With God Life.

The test of our understanding of the bible is not information, but rather formation. What is the quality of your love? To help similar and read with the heart time honored tradition Lectio divina.
Reading with the heart.

­   Listening to the text –  yielding and stilled

­   Submitting. Allowing its message to flow into us rather than our trying to master it

­   Reflecting on the text – permitting ourselves to become all over engaged, mind and heart into the drama of the passage

­   Praying the text Letting the biblical reality of with God life give rise in our heart to the cry of gratitude, confession, complaint

­   Applying – seeing how god’s word provides a personal word

­   Obeying – turning always turning from our wicked way into


Eric Johnson at Bethel. Prayed for re spark of the word. Word shapes your identity. Don’t lean on anyone’s histor

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