Do we all have a part to play in a meeting?

There are so many wonderful gifts God gives each time we get together. In some meetings, we have a music team leading us in worship, a prayer leader who initiates prayer and a speaker that teaches from the Bible. These are visible gifts and expressions of God’s love for us. God’s gift of teaching, encouragement and prophecy.

BUT not everyone can speak at the same time. Not everyone is called to teach as a role, or to lead the worship.

BUT everyone has a part. There are many gifts that are silent and unseen. Let’s look at a few examples:

Intercession – we are called to partner with Jesus in praying for gods kingdom to come. We see in the Bible how Apostle Paul asks for prayer that the message of the gospel be preached and received without interference.

Gift of presence – compassion is a wonderful gift that strengthens God’s family. God Himself is described as the God of all comfort. Apostle Paul describes how this gift flows from one to another in 2 Corinthians 1. Often this gift is expressed through silence. During a meeting if someone feels touched emotionally and starts to cry, it is a beautiful gift to have someone just stand beside you. Standing calmly beside someone reminds them that we have all been there, no need to worry or feel out of place.

So how we are we doing as a church to call out both the seen and the unseen gifts. Do we have a paradigms?  Are we intentionally encouraging each of us to be available for both the seen and “unseen” gifts and expressions of God’s love? Are we close enough to one another to draw out this gifts God has to give?  Are we a safe place to give things a try?

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