Is it really that important to write things down?

I guess the real question to answer the first question is, “Do you want to remember something?”

My answer is yes and that is why I try to blog something each week. It helps work it into my life and also may help someone to see the process another follower of Jesus goes through as they seek God. So I will share an excerpt from a talk I hope to give tomorrow at a women’s tea. The theme of the talk is what we learning about Jesus.

This year I embarked upon an exciting adventure with several people from different churches.  We met together once a week to listen to and study the DVD discussion series on the book by Dallas Willard, Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God.

When I read the book I was inspired by a very wise man that truly loved God. When I watched Dr. Willard in the DVD presentation, I saw a man in love with God and BEYOND THAT – he knew God was in love with him. He would choke up at times when He talked about God and the Scriptures, God’s desire for mankind. He kept saying over and over in many different ways — God created us for intimate fellowship, both now and forever. He painstakingly took us from Genesis to Revelation showing this fact over and over and over. Think about how relational our God is.

God created us for intimate fellowship, both now and forever. Jesus wants to have fellowship with me.

I would have whole heartedly agreed with that statement before this study, that it is all about relationship with God, but practically the way I lived with some anxiety and fear, showed there was still some wonky thinking. There were 2 important things I had to “unlearn” first to go deeper with this truth.

When I became a Christian at 18 yrs old I had already made so many mistakes in my life, I was more than glad to give my life away. I did not feel it was worth anything. I would have liked to disappear all together. So my relationship with God became more of just trying to get rid of my personality and become like what I thought was Him. That ended up comparing myself to others who I thought were supposed to look like Him. I did not understand what it meant that I no longer live but Christ lives in me. There is an independent sin nature that must die, daily! But there is a creation He formed that He wants to relate with. He didn’t create cookie cutter robots. He wants me to show up! Fully live in Him.

God does not want to replace our humanity but He wants to live through it. He wants me to be myself. What I mean by that is that there’re a lot of things about myself that I thought he wanted to get rid of and later I discover those characteristics with their His design. I can learn to live them fully without sin. Instead of loathing my sensitivity it am learning to let him live in and through that sensitivity.

Every one of us will be different. Some who are the life of the party need to stop apologizing for that and others need to accept the quieter, deep thoughtful person they are. He helps us become who He created us to be. He is freedom, perfect love replacing fear. Perhaps that is why the Bible gives details about Abraham, Moses, the disciples etc. Have you ever thought about that?

Part 2 next week as well as how the talk went at the women’s event.

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