Would you like to be an apprentice?

I am enjoying my group that meets weekly.  It is called “Coaching Christ-likeness” and the leader is passionate about being an apprentice of Jesus and coaching us to pursue the same.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

This course invites you to spend eight weeks learning about yourself, about Jesus, and the path that leads to the life you want. You will learn why your efforts at faithful living have been less successful than you would like and how to change that. You will know how to bless those who curse you and be thankful in all that happens. You will learn to live free from bitterness, fear, and resentment. You will be happier and know how to insure more happiness for you and those you love.

You will be challenged to surrender things that are important to you. You will be expected to actively participate in your own growth. This series is not about more religious information. In fact, what you believe will be tested. You can be sure that our intent is to know Jesus in order to become as much like him as we can. Imagine living, working, caring, speaking and deciding as Jesus would if he were the one living your life. That’s the goal. These eight weeks are not the entire journey towards that life, they are the doorway to it. Our prayerful intention is that, by the end, you are ready to respond to God’s question, “if I show you the way, will you follow it?”


Neal Nybo is the leader of our group and he was deeply impacted by Dallas Willard and had the privilege of being in a small group with Dr. Willard. I am grateful to Neal for leading us and I appreciate the accountability and being involved with 7 other people as we travel this road.



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