What do I do with all these strong emotions?

Emotions are not good or bad, think of them like lights on the dashboard of a car.  Stop the car and lift up the hood to take a look. Emotions can tell you something you need to address or they can give you that extra boost to tackle something you know you have been avoiding.  But they can also be dangerous if we let them lead us away from God’s direction.  I have a friend who used the phrase “I will not let my emotions lead me to do anything”  When she feels very emotional – she will stop and wait until she has clarity before she does anything.  Jesus was led by the Spirit and we are told to as well.

Romans 8:14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Is your Guide in your sight today?  If not – ask for the eyes of your heart to be enlightened. Take the time to let God search your heart with you and see if there is some action you need to take today. The more we believe God is our Guide, the more we stop and ask. The more we ask, the more we follow.

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