Are you enjoying the classroom and the lab?


In University I studied chemistry and biology in a big theater with 500 other students.  There was also a separate class that was compulsory called “lab.” In “lab” we would take the theories we were learning and practice them.  I found this intimidating and scary.  I preferred to just listen, memorize and spurt back what they had taught.

Little did I realize this is a great description of life.  And I still prefer to read, study and do anything other than put it all to the test.  But what I am finding is that it is important to do both.  If I only face life experiences without the classroom knowledge (personal study, books, sermons etc.) I won’t know the resources available to me.  I won’t know the theories and history of people who have navigated life ahead of me.

I read the following in my study of the Way of the Warrior series by Graham Cooke:

We are victorious because of our learned dependency in private.  We have a posture of strength which comes to us by intimate connection – that is why worship,  rejoicing and thanksgiving are so essential – it is the language of intimacy that becomes the spoken word of victory.

Intimacy fuels majesty – David was a man after God’s own heart.  Never allow our circumstances to be greater than our awareness of God – Conflict is about practicing our revelation of majesty and proving that it is real and powerful.” Graham Cooke


Happy studying to you all!



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