What choices do I have?

making choices

In my prayer time this morning, many sources of input came together to create an “aha” moment. It was an explosion that brought peace.  Up until that point I was only aware of a state of feeling overwhelmed and confused.  It had been a busy week with lots of activity and uncomfortable change.  One thought from God can change everything!

This “aha” thought seems fairly simple now when I start to explain it, but wow, if I really apply this I can imagine what amazing things will happen.  I am already seeing the fruit of places in my life where I have done this. And I see  how many things work together to bring God’s revelation.

One of the places where I get insight is at my weekly connect group.  We had been discussing a question and so when I felt this insight the next morning in my prayer, I couldn’t wait to write them!  I wrote the following to my weekly connect group.

I really enjoyed our discussion on Wednesday.  We talked about selflessness and what we need to get to that place.  It came down to trust for many of us and I shared the area I find confusing is trust in my physical challenges.  I realize when I try to use my logic only to figure out why I am still in pain I get confusion and doubt.  In my limited “logic and reasoning” I am moving away from trust and believing in the character and nature of God. The same is true when I try to understand my situation through my emotions only.  It just feels real simple today – am I going to see my circumstances and make choices through my logic/reason, my emotions – or my spirit?

When I say “my spirit,” I am referring to that part of me that is in communion with God.  Here is a quote from the devotional book I am reading entitled, “Manifesting your spirit.” Since I am united with God now as His child, I have a choice.  I can choose to think and act like Him!

Quote from Graham Cooke – Manifesting our spirit when we are frightened is the response of a true warrior. 

The tests God allows are designed to establish what He has already put inside of us.  The ability to pass every test is wired into us; we just need God’s help to access those resources.  Every test comes with God’s answer sheet attached.

The believer has two choices when a test comes.  They can choose to grapple it with their own mind and emotions.  This will simply drive them further away from what God wants to be for them or the believer can take these tests in the spirit.  When they rely on God for His provision, they move us closer to Him.  The test is present whether you acknowledge it or not.  Passing or failing is mostly a matter of the will being engaged with God’s purposes.

As we submit to God’s purpose we may access what God as put inside of us.  We can also experience what He has laid aside for us in this eventuality.  A spiritual warrior passes every test with God’s help.

So I guess I am saying a few things in this blog:

  1. If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, hang on, everything may come together for an “aha moment” real soon.  Don’t give up.
  2. I don’t ignore my reason/logic or emotion, but rather “be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)  This shows there is a process.  We are in the process of renewing our minds. I am placing an emphasis on this process and finding great peace.

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