Would you like a new way to look at weakness?

The following is from the book “Manifesting Your Spirit” by Graham Cooke.

Chapter 17: Weakness Cannot Prevent us from Overcoming

We are never asked to live from a negative.  We are encouraged to trust, be in faith and believe.  We are totally loved in the process of learning to be Christ like even while we are struggling to become more of who we are in Christ.

We are not asked to live from a place of weakness; we are encouraged to discover God’s strength to us.  The grace of God is so compellingly powerful towards us; actually overrules every negative perspective.

The world is focused on weakness as the key place to being the process of change.  The Kingdom focuses on strength as the major key to transformation.  That power is perfected in weakness means that strength flows into what we are not.  The result of God’s life erupting within us is that we boast about our weakness in the context of the amazing power of Christ within.

We take pleasure in our weakness; we are not downhearted about them.  The reason is –the Father! His love is so incredible, so astonishing, it reaches out to us in our sinfulness and pulls us into His embrace.  From that place we discover that we are the Beloved of God.

It is important to love change and the process of learning.  He chose us in our weakness and loves to meet those needs with His strength.  He strengthens us with His presence in our low places.  He does not give us strength; He becomes our strength.

My weakness is the low place where God steps into my inadequacy. The increase I receive in that area is not because He has given me something to fill that gap in my life.  He is my increase in Himself.

Relationally, He inhabits my weaknesses and I learn the pleasure of His presence.  Graham shares that he is constantly being put in a place of weakness where the grace upon his life has empowered him to experience the Father in a significant way.

It is a wonderful culture of dependency to which the Father wishes to commit us, that empowers us to be as brilliant in Him in all of our low places.  Everything that is meant to rob or disempower me instead becomes my place of praise, rejoicing and laughter.  In difficulties we learn faithfulness, patience and stamina which are all the qualities we need to be more than conquers.  Your dependency must be total.  God calls me in my weakness, and then calls Himself to meet my needs in those places.

Enjoying your weakness in the context of His abundance provides a necessary humility that sustains us under attack.

What are the low places of your life where you have not experienced the breakthrough of His presence for you?  What would it look like for the Lord to fill you with Himself?  What would it look like for you to be strengthened with power in your inner man?

How can your weaknesses be perfected (matured) by God’s power?  What is the place of dependence and reliance to which you must come in order to enjoy this lifestyle?

What must you undo in your thinking and behavior regarding independence and self help in order to humbly and joyfully turn your inadequacy into joyful vulnerability?

We can only enjoy our weaknesses if God enjoys our weaknesses.  What does that mean to you?  Think hard and happily and expand.

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