What does a hug mean to you?

A hug carries as many different meanings as a smile or a wink.  The giver may even be unaware of what receiver may experience. Let me tell you what happened to me this week.

I received a hug from a friend when I was feeling very uncertain about things in my life.  The hug was like a warm, safe sanctuary in a scary uncertain time. I had shared my fears about an upcoming doctor’s appointment and she responded with a genuine gift, one with no time limit or expectations attached.

It reminded me of a mother’s hug.  A hug that says, “I am here and it is okay, I am not going anywhere and we can face this scary time together.” Perhaps that description would surprise my friend, she was just responding with God’s love that was in her.  She wasn’t trying to be my mother.

You see God is not restricted to giving the love of a mother through the one woman who gave us birth.  Thank you my friend, thank You my Father.

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