Is it time to revisit the grace message?

We spend so much time thinking about what to “do” as parents or even people in general, that we forget what the grace of God has done for us.  Perhaps we need to think more about who we are and let our “who come out of our do ” as Joyce Meyers says.

give them grace

A very good friend of mine recommended Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book on parenting, “Give them Grace.”  I was delighted how the book states the best foundation for our parenting paradigm.  Enjoy these quotes and definitely order this book.

Rather than a parental “to do” list or “three easy steps,” Give Them Grace points parents to . . . grace. We have to receive it, embrace it, taste it, and enjoy it before we can dazzle our kids with God’s grace in Christ. 

  • When we know that we need mercy & forgiveness every day we will be humble, gentle, patient sinners helping our kids see their like need.
  • When we are sure that our right standing before God is because of our goodness, we will treat our children with contempt. Luke 18:9-14

“When we so desperately want our children to be good that we’re alternately angry, fearful, proud, or sullen, then our desire for their transformation has become the god we serve.  Yes, God does command us to train our children, but care needs to be taken that this training doesn’t morph into something more important to us than God himself.”  (page 56)

 “Parents are to discipline, instruct, train, and nurture their children. Only a cold detachment or a selfish disdain for children’s desperate need for direction would cause us to refuse to train them” (p. 82).

So now the question becomes, what does discipline and instruction that is markedly Christian look like? Elyse and Jessica offer their gospel-centered answer:

“Paul is telling parents to daily proclaim the message about Jesus to their children and to warn or rebuke them when they forget to live in light of what Jesus had already done. He was telling them to tether every aspect of their parenting to the gospel message” (p. 85).

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