What will you do to walk free?

way of teh warrior

I enjoy having a workbook to work through in the mornings.  I can take one thought from what I read and chew on it throughout the day.  I am presently reading this book by Graham Cooke.  It is the second book of the Way of the Warrior series.

Chapter 13: Your Intimacy Intimidates the Enemy

Soulish Christians believe that is simply costs too much to get free from the things that bind them.  They settle for mediocrity in their relationship with God, their friendships, their marriages and their churches.  They would rather sit in bondage than pay the price to get free.  They fail to realize that Jesus Himself has already paid for that freedom on their behalf; they simply have to walk with Him through the journey into that Promised Land.

Joshua and Caleb had one thing in common.  They both practiced a level of intimacy with God.  God loves to confirm His nature to us. Our intimacy with Him is built upon His intimacy with us. He loves to be close. He loves to declare Who He is for us.  His intention is always about a deeper relationship.

Intimacy engages with God where He rules in heaven.  It is the joyful discipline of a resurrected lifestyle.  We are focused on the life above – not the one beneath.  Col 3:1-2.  Worship is focus – powerful focus.  Worship fixes our heart.  Intimacy inspires a steadfast spirit. We cannot lose when our focus is God.  Rejoicing and giving of thanks inspires us to stand in the shadow of the Almighty.

The application questions are as follows:

What upgrade have you received in your relationship with the Lord?  What upgrade is He planning for you?  What are you facing in your current circumstances that would try to prevent you from inheriting for the Lord?

It is vital to retrain yourself in rejoicing and giving thanks.  Where will you start?  Pick a situation – lay it down before the Lord – step away from it and turn your back on it.  Begin to worship God for Who He is.  Resist the urge to draw Him into your circumstances.  Instead let Him draw you into a place of majesty.

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