What to do for a 50th birthday

My friends gave me a wonderful 50th birthday party in October.  They asked what I would like most for a birthday celebration and I said I would love to share the good news of the work of Provision of Hope in Liberia.

I have been working with a woman named Karen Barkman, who went over to Liberia on her 50th year, and started help families relocate back to Liberia from the refugee camps. Karen started a charity under the umbrella of Hope for the Nations and has been raising money and helping these single moms and young families get settled with self sustaining businesses.

I started Drops of Love card making with some creative women joining forces to raise money by making cards to sell.

We raised enough to bring a woman named Kebbah out of the refugee camp and back to Liberia where we gave her a starter loan to purchase an oven.  With the oven Kebbah will be baking and selling fancy cakes.  This story continues to get better as when she got on the bus to get back to Liberia she was able to bring 3 orphaned children whom she will be caring for.  Good news for sure! Check out this 2 minute video I made…..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7k0e7sUKJk

So that about sums up our 2012. Mark will be performing a wedding next summer for his niece, so that will be fun.  I am looking forward to hearing your updates so please send us an email or note when you can.


Shell Cowpersmith has shared a video with you on YouTube
Provision of Hope October 2012
Micro loans help families become self sufficient and able to care for orphans.
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