How would you respond to this woman if you were praying together?

Anne writes: I feel drawn to spend more and more time in prayer. I hunger for the Lord’s presence in silence and solitude. The trouble is, I have so many distractions in my life. I’m a housewife and mother of school age children and I’m a nurse part-time.  To make things even busier my mother-in-law has come to spend a month with us and she is continually wants to talk to me. I seem to be drifting farther and farther away from God and often scarcely give Him a thought. How can I, when so many things happen to take me away from Him?

Hello Anne:  I have a ton of compassion for you and I know many women who face the same dilemma.  I don’t pretend to have a 3 step answer or a magic recipe – but this is what I found helped me at times.  When I face times of busyness, or even distracting physical pain, I ask God for one simple thought at the beginning of the day.  It may be a verse, or even one word such as hope.  I write the one thought on a card and carry it with me.  I also put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or fridge or computer, where ever I can see it throughout the day.

I read this testimony the other day that reminded me of this one thought exercise.  Keep pressing in to God – He wants to meet with you and will find ways to reach you in whatever circumstance you are in when you ask for His help.  Remember, He is a creative God so look outside the norm.

Richard:                I am a bus driver and the other day I was reading the New Testament and I came across the saying of Jesus:  “Be compassionate as Your Father is compassionate.” That really struck me and I kept “‘hearing “it my heart as I went about during the day. I began to see the people on the bus in a new light. Some looked tired and sad. Some looked happy.  I noticed how hard it is for some elderly people to get on and off the bus.  I began to pray for them — just little quick prayers,  like “‘Lord help her in her sadness.”   I started smiling at the passengers more and saying a pleasant word to them now and then. One older woman seemed so grateful when I got out of my seat to help her off the bus. You know — I had a great day and I got a feeling that Jesus was right there with me in the bus! And this has gone on ever since.

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