Are you suggesting we may have an idols in our lives?

No, I am suggesting that we are “idol factories.”  We were created to worship and when we lose focus on the ONLY ONE who deserves our full worship, we create idols.

Here is a quote from the excellent resources on written by Ken Sande:

Even sincere Christians struggle with idolatry. We may believe in God and say we want to serve Him only, but at times we allow other influences to rule us. In this sense we are no different from the ancient Israelites: “Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did” (2 Kings 17:41).

He goes on to say, “It is important to emphasize the fact that idols can arise from good desires as well as wicked desires. It is often not what we want that is the problem, but that we want it too much.” (Click here to read the entire article, it is very helpful.)

This article helped shed light on my current frustrations.  I feel very passionate about several things and when I don’t see them happening I can get out of focus and thus out of balance. When that happens, my joy goes down the proverbial “toilet.”

Heather Nunn, worship leader and speaker from my church shared a very inspiring message about her own  battle with passion and desire for the things of God.  She has received many prophecies over the years and at times this ended up creating much frustration.  Her message of how God led her in surrender is a must listen for everyone.  Click here to listen. She shared with us how her joy returns when she surrenders, and her message continues to speak to me about surrender.  It is a continual cycle.  AND it is not only about surrendering everything to God, but embracing our identity and destiny.

Take a moment right now, to see what He is highlighting in you to let go and what He has for you to embrace.  We really are created to worship, to have a stronghold to run to, don’t hesitate.

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