Is it time to take a break and enjoy God’s creation?

I had a wonderful adventure this summer! It was a physical stretch for me and I certainly wasn’t me who originated the idea, but I am so glad I went.  My husband and I met two couples that we know from Canada and we all shared a house boat vacation on Lake Powell.

The scenery, laughter, swimming, great food and great late night talks made it one of the best memories of my life.  We all share a common faith in Jesus, so much of our time was spent giving thanks and worshipping God in His creation.  One of the guys commented how easy it was to stay in a place of worship while we are surrounded by such granduer.  I wondered to myself how much we miss in our every day lives because we are just not looking?

One day when we were trying to dock the boat, a huge wind came up and we watched our boat drift side ways along the shore.  People from a boat nearby jumped on the beach to help and we got all settled.  We had lots to be thankful for and a set of new friends to swap sailing stories with.

So perhaps you can’t take an extravagant get away like that.  But how about grabbing a few friends, a picnic lunch and go enjoy God’s beautiful creation together.  We say we don’t have the time, but it may be just the time to stop and smell the roses.

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