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Have you noticed that God doesn’t answer all your questions?  I find when I am under pressure and need to make a decision, I can’t tell if my thoughts are God inspired or my own thoughts.   My husband Mark has said often, “When you don’t hear an answer to your question, ask another question.”  I am starting to understand what he means.  When it seems like God is silence, I believe He is calling me to a better focus.

In the application time at church last Sunday, Mark shared:

As we pray for more of God, things may pop up in your mind that you need to let go of.  The worry about your marriage may have become an impediment to receive what you need to see your marriage improve.  Just say okay Lord, I am not going to worry about my marriage, I am just going to focus on receiving more of You.

Some of you have unanswered prayers where they have become more important than God’s company.  Let it go.  Set it aside.  Things you have been worried about, that have come between You and Him, just let it go.

Father we want to experience You.  Help us set things aside and continue to choose everyday – more of You, less of myself.”


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