Is it time to surrender?

I have lost count how many sermons and books I am reading lately refer to the need to surrender.  A few weeks ago I had a fun picture  during worship of letting go of all the things that were in my hands and I was lifted up in the air and could see over all my circumstances.  My husband Mark says that our worries may be the very impediment to gaining the wisdom we are seeking.

I have a friend that is so expressive, so I asked if I could quote part of an email they sent to another friend.  The journey of surrender this friend has been very heart wrenching.  I have been privileged to travel some of it with them.  Here is what they shared:

In order to follow Him, you have to deny yourself and take up your cross. That means any desires you have you have to surrender to Him, He may take them and give them back, He may take them and keep them, He may leave them in your hands.

It’s so hard to figure it out. I mean so many things seem like it’s clear what the Bible says and I must be praying in His will, but then it’s not happening. Or I think this is what He’s wanting me to do, but it doesn’t seem like He’s with me as I step out. Or I take a risk and end up getting seriously hurt.

But I see it all as part of growing our relationship, learning how we communicate, listening and talking. Some things we’ll never know or understand, but we are His children, heirs to the throne. We know He is pleased when we worship Him, are obedient to Him, step out in faith and risk, love our neighbor, share the good news. We know He loves us always, is with us always, has our best interest in mind for making us holy.



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