How would you like to be ready for anything?

I was talking to God one morning and going over the things that were to be done that day.  I had a heavy feeling as the tasks were numerous.  I have been learning that God is the best at setting the agenda so I asked Him what to put first.  This particular morning I felt His response right away.  I thought He said, “Why don’t you let Me carve Your character and then you will be ready for anything?”

Wow, what a great thought.  I put my shoulders back and knew that as I am yoked to the Creator of the universe, I could rest easy.  He has shown me before, that He not only gives Spiritual gifts and fruit, He comes with them.

So I encourage you today, what part of your character does God want to come into more.  Is it patience, love, joy, peace?  Surrender your own ways of “doing” your day, and grab onto Him.  You will be ready for anything.

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