What is Your Response to the Gospel?

“Preach yourself the gospel everyday.”  This quote has stuck with me for many years.  It sounds funny though, doesn’t it?  I am already a follower of Jesus, why would I keep needing to hear the Good News that I already believe?  Apostle Paul describes the answer to that question in his letter to the Galatians.  The people in Galatia were being tempted to follow another gospel, which Paul pointed out, is no gospel at all!

I was very encouraged by Matt Chandler’s sermon, and encourage you to listen to it.  Here is the transcript and the link to the audio is on the bottom of the article.  Galatians – Motivations (Fear or Love).  Matt says there are two responses a person can make when they hear the Good News.  One is, “That it is too good and there must be more that needs to be added.”  And the other response is, “Great, I have my ticket to heaven so I can live anyway I want.”

So before you go on with your day, stop right now and ask God to tell you again the story of our redemption and His grace for right now.

“The beckoning call of the book of Galatians is to get out of slavery and to get into sonship. The offer on the table for all of us is that in glad submission to Jesus Christ, we are sons and daughters and no longer slaves. We have been set free from fear-based behavioral modification into love-motivated pursuit of what we want most. We have been set free from the pursuit of pleasure that has, as an aftertaste, guilt and shame into the pursuit of pleasure that leads to ever-increasing joy.”  Matt Chandler

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